Magelano Junior

Secondary School Orientation
Salvatore Soresi
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The questionnaire for selection of major in secondary school (Magellano Junior) is a test battery, created by group of researchers in the Padua University in Italy.

The tests are related to the current concepts, used in profile selection in the secondary education. The battery gives the students ideas about the factors which should be considered in the decision making process. The test is constructed so to remind a game, provides free choice options and at the end is given a profile based on these answers.

The report evaluates if already taken decision is appropriate, or in case no decision is made, provides directions. The test is constructed in order to help in the decision making process by giving ideas about what the student may do after graduating from primary school and what may they work once they graduate from school or even university. These ideas help in creation of more active position in the child’s orientation in the choice of secondary school.

Additionally the report could provide the parents with objective information about their child’s interests and the confidence in its abilities.